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The ALAA speaks as a global voice for breeders who strive for uniform identification and superior standards and practices for the betterment of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle.

In addition to protecting the breeds, this site provides information for the buying public and a roadmap for kennels that want to develop sterling breeding practices.

The ALAA registry database offers potential puppy purchasers and dog breeders access to online information showing a dog’s health status and DNA profile. The ALAA sees the database as a helpful and vital step, as a central registry perpetuates healthy breeding practices and validates a dog’s parentage.

ALAA Welcome Brochure

How breeders benefit from membership with the ALAA

Our top-notch breeding practices and database promise to facilitate your search for a suitable stud to further your breeding program, regardless of where you run your program. With more breeders choosing artificial insemination, problems tied to geographic location soon will be a thing of the past, and your stud choices will expand as you gain knowledge of the best sires in the world. Bringing all sires into a common registry prevents the over-use of bloodlines and helps breeders stay aware of available sires worldwide.

Transparency of pedigrees can help you avoid inbreeding or excessive line breeding. With one click of the mouse, you will have health testing results to help you make wise and informed decisions about your pet.

Certified ALAA pedigrees will erase doubts associated with breeders' private records.

By supporting the ALAA, the ALAA in will turn support you and link you to like-minded Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle breeders of integrity.

Over popularity has ruined other dog breeds. Let us learn from those breeders’ mistakes and pull together with a common goal — to protect the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle!
ALAA forms and resources.

ALAA member breeder Rules, Requirements and regulations.

If you are not an ALAA member already, click here to learn more about becoming one.

Litter registration and dog registration can be completed online if you are already an ALAA member breeder. If you are unable to access the DogTrack online database to register your dogs or litters, or if you have another reason to submit the data manually, use the forms below.

Pedigree Request ($15.00 per request)

The IALA/ALAA Registry is available to all pet members and breeder members as part of your membership. Pedigrees are available for an additional $15 each. We will provide a pedigree detailing as many as four generations, though we cannot guarantee that each pedigree goes back so far. If the dog in question is owned by an ALAA breeder, the breeder will be notified about the request.

To request a pedigree email the full name of the dog and pay via the PayPal button below.

The ALAA enforces a no-refund policy for all monies paid to the association, including pedigree requests, membership applications and dues, kennel fees, dog registration and other fees.


Everyone is welcome to use ALAA StudFinder search service free of charge.

StudFinder provides ready access to information about studs registered with the ALAA and owned by accredited ALAA member breeders. Use the checkboxes below to make your searches as broad or narrow as you wish. As you check more items, your search will become more specific and will return fewer stud candidates.
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