Fueled by love and passion, dedicated to education, and deeply committed to protection and promotion of the well-being of the Australian Labradoodle and Labradoodle.

The Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) protects the welfare of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle breeds. The organization promotes responsible dog companionship by cataloging helpful information about the breeds and by offering networking services to breeders and owners. As a leader in this effort, we are working to make a difference. Because of our commitment to the breed’s integrity, we have been internationally recognized as the breed’s leading experts since 2004 and represent the breeders in Canada, Europe, and the United States.

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The Importance of a Verified Pedigree2021-11-16T15:53:34+00:00

The pedigree for your dog contains the lineage of ancestry information specific to your dog. This historical information tells a breeder about the very valuable heritage of the dog including size, colors, health information, and its origin. In sum, a dog’s pedigree is its identity and should be protected. The ALAA verifies every pedigree when submitted into its extensive database. The ALAA database is the original and largest database for the Australian Labradoodle and is exclusively proprietary. The ALAA works diligently to ensure the authenticity of dogs and puppies registered with its database. The information from each pedigree entered into the database is verified for accuracy and correctness and research is conducted when necessary.

Why is this so important?  In an age with advanced technology and means of sharing, it has become easier for falsifications, forgeries, and identity theft to take place. This highly sought after breed has created opportunities for unscrupulous, untrained, and dishonest breeders to copy a pedigree and represent it as their own.  Purchasing a puppy from an ALAA breeder offers families the peace of mind that comes with a verified pedigree.

An ALAA Verified Pedigree provides accuracy, protection, and peace of mind and should be the starting point of your search for a puppy.

What is the difference between an F1, F1B, and the various types of Australian Labradoodles? How are Labradoodles graded?2020-09-08T14:16:11+00:00

F1: The “F” stands for “filial generation”. “F1” means “first generation” and is a common scientific term. This, in the Labradoodle breed, is the coding for first-cross, purebred Poodle to purebred Labrador Retriever. The results are mixed, as this is not the breeding of two “like” dogs, or dogs that resemble each other. F1 Labradoodles typically are moderate- to low- shedding and have a sparse-hair to fleece coat.

F1B: The additional “B” refers to backcross — an F1 Labradoodle, as defined above, bred (or backcrossed) to a purebred Poodle. Again, the results are mixed, as this is not the breeding of two “like” dogs. F1B Labradoodles typically are low- to non-shedding if both parents non-shedding (or as much as any dog can be non-shedding) and often have a hair or fleece coat.

Australian Labradoodle: The Australian Labradoodle carries the DNA of the Labrador, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel (American or English). The resulting offspring share characteristics, though some pairings of parent dogs will produce a more mixed litter. An Australian Labradoodle can be created by crossing a Poodle to another Australian Labradoodle, a Cockapoo to a Labradoodle, a Labradoodle to a Cocker Spaniel and the like, resulting in the three-breed combination. Australian Labradoodles and Multigen Australian Labradoodles typically have a non-shedding coat (again, as much as any dog can be non-shedding) if both parents are non-shedding.

Multigen Australian Labradoodle (Multigenerational): A Multigen Australian Labradoodle comes about from the breeding of one Australian Labradoodle to another. Multigen Australian Labradoodles typically have a non-shedding coat (as much as a dog can be non-shedding) if both parents are also non-shedding.

Purebred Australian Labradoodle: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary first defined “purebred” in 1852 as “bred from members of a recognized breed, strain, or kind without admixture of other blood over many generations.” The AKC, meanwhile, requires four generations of like-to-like matings in their foundation service.

The ALAA uses these two references in its definition of a Purebred Australian Labradoodle. Once an Australian Labradoodle has been bred to another Australian Labradoodle in four consecutive matings, it will be considered purebred.

Breed Standard2020-09-08T14:16:10+00:00

To learn about the ALAA full Breed Standard, click here.

History of the Breed2020-09-08T14:14:15+00:00
  • The Australian Labradoodle is a breed that has been carefully developed since the 1980s, bred over generations with focus on temperament, coat quality and soundness through diligent health testing and planned matings. 
  • Australian Labradoodles are multigenerational, meaning both parents of the dog were Australian Labradoodles.
  • No other “doodle” breed has been developed over generations like the Australian Labradoodle.
  • Australian Labradoodles have a consistent appearance and temperament throughout the breed.
  • Australian Labradoodles are people-focused dogs with exceptional eye contact and a desire to please.
Australian Labradoodles and Allergies2020-07-22T18:34:41+00:00

The carefully bred, low- to no-shedding coat of an Australian Labradoodle makes them an allergy-friendly dog, but no dog is truly hypoallergenic. Australian Labradoodles are not the same as other “doodles.”

3 Sizes of Australian Labradoodles Are Bred2020-07-22T18:37:02+00:00

Currently there are 3 size ranges of the breeds, defined by measuring from the ground to the wither, the highest point on the dog’s shoulder blades. 

  • Miniature: Between 14 and 16 inches (35 to 42 centimeters).
  • Medium range: Between 17 and 20 inches (43 to 52 centimeters).
  • Standard range: Between 21 and 24 inches (53 to 63 centimeters).
The Australian Labradoodle was Developed with the Labradoodle as the Foundation2023-01-16T21:09:30+00:00
  • A Labradoodle is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Poodle. 
  • Australian Labradoodle is a cross between the Poodle, Cocker Spaniel and the Labrador Retriever.
Australian Labradoodles Require Daily Exercise2020-07-23T13:46:19+00:00

Australian Labradoodles are fun and active dogs that require daily exercise. This can be anything from simple morning and evening walks or a creative obstacle course, as Australian Labradoodles excel at agility training.


Grooming an Australian Labradoodle2020-07-22T21:09:33+00:00

Australian Labradoodles need to be groomed regularly, to prevent its coat from becoming tangled and matted. They are low odor and should be low- to no-shedding.


Australian Labradoodles as Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs or Emotional Support Animals2020-07-22T18:51:25+00:00
  • The breed was originally created by a Royal Guide Dogs Association trainer in the 1980’s who wanted to create an allergy-friendly guide dog. When carefully bred for temperament, the Australian Labradoodle can make an ideal therapy dog as they are intuitive, intelligent, and love people.


  • Service Dog: The American with Disabilities act (ADA) defines a service animal as any dog specifically trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability in completing tasks of daily living. Service animals perform some of the functions and tasks that the individual with a disability cannot perform for him/herself.


  • Emotional Support Animal (ESA): The primary function of an ESA is to provide emotional support for an individual through companionship. Many state and local governments have laws that allow people to bring emotional support animals into public places that are not covered under the ADA.


  • Therapy Dog: The primary function of a therapy dog is to  provide emotional support, comfort, companionship, or promote emotional well-being to many people in a therapeutic setting.


Australian Labradoodles Have Two Types of Coats and Ten Different Coat Colors2024-01-18T19:51:39+00:00

The Australian Labradoodles can have either a fleece or wool coat type. Fleece coats may be wavy or curly while wool coats are curly.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns:

Black pigmented dogs are:

  • Chalk
  • Cream
  • Apricot
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver

Brown pigmented dogs are:

  • Caramel Ice
  • Caramel Cream
  • Caramel
  • Caramel Red
  • Chocolate
  • Lavender
  • Café
  • Parchment

The patterns are:

  • Parti
  • Tuxedo
  • Sable
  • Phantom
  • Tri-phantom

Note: Merle is not acceptable in the breed standard and is considered a fault. Merle is listed for registration purpose only and all Merle pattern dogs must be registered as limited registration and not be bred

Meet Our Board

At ALAA, we believe that by sharing accurate knowledge and working together, we can continue to advance the health of the Australian Labradoodle breed. In addition to committing to the betterment of the breed, there are many benefits to becoming a breeder with ALAA.

Alex McEwing

Green Mountain Australian Labradoodles

Duties: Handles the ALAA’s day-to-day issues, working with governing board and legal counsel as well as furthers the work of the association by assembling teams who work under the oversight of the governing board. Responsible for ensuring the board and members are mindful of the association’s rules and regulations, charter and goals.

MaryPat Thate

Nestlewood Labradoodles

Serves on the Executive Committee in the capacity of Chief Operations Officer overseeing the Operations Manager. Reports to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors any issues with Staff and day to day operations of the organization. At the request of the President or in the absence of the President, the Vice President will perform the duties of the President.

Alaina Ugland

Kennel Legendary Labradoodles

Serves with leadership to articulate and promote the ALAA mission, coordinates Marketing/Brand management. Interfaces with the Marketing company personnel on related information and issues. Other responsibilities include media platforms contact, fundraising, event & program development, development of website content & publications.  Interfacing with staff on social media interactions and policy adherence.

Evan Flury Headshot

Evan Flury

Tarheel Labradoodles

Duties: Serves on the Executive Committee, takes meeting minutes or provides oversight for staff  and ensures minutes accuracy, maintains and ensures Board records and archives for future reference.

Michael Rebbecchi

Hidden Springs Labradoodles

Duties: Serves on the Executive Committee,  prepares the organization’s annual operating budget, and  monthly Treasurer’s report for the Board’s review and approval. Also assist with coordinating arrangements for annual tax filings and an annual audit if requested by the Board.

Jane Peck

Red Rock Doodles

Duties: Reviews ALAA member breeders’ programs for adherence to the ALAA breed standard and grading scheme. Has the authority to note infractions, make penalty recommendations to the ALAA board via the QA process and carry out penalty enforcement.

Suzan Franklin

Forever Friends Labradoodles

Duties include planning breeder educational webinars, gathering
resources to add to  “Breeder Education” in the database and  securing
speakers for future roundtables.

Jennifer Koplin

Lake Breeze Labradoodles

Coordinates with ALAA staff and VP of Public Relations to manage and grow the ALAA pet membership program. Develops initiatives and materials to expand the reach and benefits of pet membership.

Meet Our Staff

Becky Roth

Southern Cross Australian Labradoodles

The Operations Manager will oversee the ALAA staff,  manage daily business operations as well as continue to direct vital IT business operations.

Butch Charlton

DownUnder Labradoodes

The ALAA registrar is responsible  for keeping the data base/dog registry up to date with all current litter registrations, testing, dog registrations. This includes verification of the testing submitted and verification of all fees have been paid prior to registering any new dogs or litters. The registrar is also responsible for entering all kennel information and registration for new breeder members.

The Finance Coordinator tracks and records  the daily financial transactions of the organization and creates monthly reports for the Treasurer to present to the Board for review and approval.

Terri Thurston

Conducts yearly Audits for breeder members, sends out updated logos and manages ads.  She also gathers and processes all necessary documents for new member breeders and also sends out certificates of membership and welcome packets to our Pet PALs members.
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ALAA Code of Ethics

  • I shall at all times ensure all dogs under my control are properly housed, fed, watered and exercised, and I will see that they receive proper veterinary care when required.

  • My membership has never been revoked or suspended by a canine association; or, if it has, I have provided details relating to such an incident.

  • I will speak about fellow breeders and their animals truthfully and respectfully at all times.

  • I shall breed with the soundness of the Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle in mind.

  • I shall ensure to the best of my ability that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal and have made the necessary preparations for the keeping of the dog.

  • I shall help educate potential purchasers regarding responsible dog ownership and will offer to take back and re-home any dog from my program if the purchaser no longer wants it; or, if not urgent, I will work with the owner to find a new home for the dog.

  • I shall provide to purchasers written instructions for dietary and veterinary care and training, and/or an appropriate publication detailing the same.

  • I shall not misrepresent the qualities of the Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle, including any guarantee of allergy-friendliness.

  • I will breed the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle responsibly and will keep proper records of my breeding stock’s offspring, including any genetic defects I am aware of. I will avoid all matings known to produce or that are likely to produce a life-inhibiting genetic defect.

  • When I give a dog or puppy to a family as a gift or donation, I shall obtain confirmation that the recipient is willing to accept the dog and provide appropriate care and de-sex the dog in accordance with my approved kennel plan.

  • I shall obtain written approval from the ALAA if my program is to deviate from this code of ethics in any way. (Exemptions should be emailed to the ALAA Secretary and will be reviewed by Quality Assurance Board).

  • Any member failing to observe any provisions of the Code of Ethics may be subject to ALAA disciplinary action including, but not limited to, removal from the Register and disqualification from membership (without refund of monies paid).

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