ALAA Board of Directors

The board presents the ALAA year-in-review and next year’s goals at an annual conference call just prior to the election.

Board members are elected each March by a ballot vote of ALAA membership. Members interested in a seat on the board may nominate themselves or be nominated by another person; a spot on the ballot requires a second nomination and a platform presentation during the annual ALAA conference call.

Candidates who wish to fill vacant officer positions outside the yearly vote are nominated and elected by current officers, as per the ALAA QA manual. Each officer holds one vote on governing board issues, which are limited to the recommendations of the Quality Assurance Board Member, Infusion Board Member, Budget. All officers may submit motions for discussion or vote to the governing board.

All officers, initiative directors and committee members are volunteers. In addition to the duties listed below, each officer can direct teams, assignments or initiatives.


ALAA Governing Board 

President: Heather Hale, Hale's Labradoodles

Duties: Handles the ALAA’s day-to-day issues, working with governing board and legal counsel and corresponding with ALAA breeders via bi-monthly emails. Furthers the work of the association by assembling teams who work under the oversight of the governing board. Responsible for ensuring the board and members are mindful of the association’s rules and regulations, charter and goals.

I have been an animal lover (and rescuer) since she was a child, I take great pride in being a Labradoodle breeder and owner. It's my passion! I feel blessed to be able to do what I love every single day.  I have been an established dog breeder since 1997 and have bred Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles since 2001. I am proud to have been a member breeder since the inception of the ALAA and have served on the Paws Reward / Heath Testing team since 2005 and on the Infusion Team since 2008. I am one of the original Labradoodle breeders on the West Coast, I have bred both American and Australian lines but focuses solely on Australian Labradoodles today. I was a part time dental hygienist, until 2013 at which time, I retired to focus on my family and Australian Labradoodles. I was raised on the Central Coast but have raised my family and established by breeding program   in Bakersfield, Calif.. with her husband Mike and children Christina, Ana, Grant, Cole, and Reagan. 
Contact Heather:

Vice President: Heather Clark, Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles
 The vice president performs duties assigned by the president or the governing board. At the request of the president, or in the   president's absence, the vice president will perform the duties of the president.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Western Wisconsin and have been around animals all my life. I went to college for a degree in Accounting and International Business. Upon graduation, my career of 15 years in banking and financial services included positions such as Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer. I have also held a Board Secretary position, Recruiter, HR Generalist, Sales Operations Manager, and Executive Project Manager. My previous experience has included leading several teams both directly and indirectly. In my previous roles, I was responsible for all aspects of the operations of the company. Most recently I had a team of 15 people including customer service, traders, accountants and a systems manager (financial services). I was hired in this role because the company was receiving so much business that the sales team was told to slow down because it didn’t have the right processes/procedures in place to effectively manage it. My role was to work with everyone to implement and document repeatable processes for their jobs so that they were all more effective and efficient. I also was responsible for all financial and compliance aspects in the company in addition to managing the HR function including hiring, firing, performance reviews, benefit plans and all the associated paperwork. Upon deciding that I wanted to leave corporate America and focus on breeding, I purchased my first breeding girl in 2011 and have had just over 20 litters. I have my first litter of F1’s now and have started doing cockapoo infusion litters as well. My goal is to help the breed by keeping as much diversity in pedigrees as possible. I started a cockapoo breeding program in 2014 as well in order to create some new lines. Creating new lines are challenging in many ways but very much needed for our breed.I am a team player who is very dedicated, detailed orientated, a hard worker and have almost 20 years of business experience. I have also worked with all types of individuals and personalities very successfully. I am also a quick learner and adapt well to new people and new situations and get along well with all kinds of people.I am looking forward to serving as a board member and helping to move the ALAA to the next level. Contact Heather: 

Secretary: Polly Viera, Labradoodle Lane

Duties: Records all meetings and correspondence via electronic files. Handles online votes and agendas for meetings as required by the ALAA regulations.

I have lived in Florida since the mid 1970’s. I earned an AA in Business from St. Petersburg Junior College and a BS in Psychology from the University of Florida. I worked as a secretary in a medical office, then as a legal secretary for almost 10 years, but my heart wasn’t in it. I wanted to raise a family and do something that I felt was more meaningful. I have always lived with and loved dogs. My husband and I got married in 2001. We started thinking about breeding dogs shortly after that. It wasn’t until we got our first Labradoodle, an F1b, that I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I began researching and my passion for the breed continued to increase. Our family got our first breeding dog in 2011 and became members of the ALAA in March of 2014. It is truly a family affair. I have three children, ages 13, 18 and 21 who are puppy socializers. I couldn’t do any of it without the support and continuous help of my husband, Onelio. I’m especially passionate about health testing and about educating new puppy families and helping them to be successful.
Contact Polly:

   Registrar and Treasurer:
 Butch Charlton, DownUnder Labradoodle USA

    Duties: Maintains the ALAA not-profit association financials. Current assignment: annual budget planner.

I have been involved with the breed since 2001, when I purchased my first Labradoodle from Australia. Within six   months, I found  himself on a flight to Australia to investigate the breed further. Shortly afterward, I retired as chief technology officer for a major  telecommunications corporation and opened my own kennel. I am the proud owner of eight Labradoodles and live in Raleigh, N.C.,  where I also find time to work on my golf game. 
Contact Butch: or

  Quality Assurance Officer:
 Carolyn DeBar, DoodleAround

 Reviews ALAA member breeders’ programs for adherence to the ALAA breed standard    and grading scheme. Has  
  the authority to note infractions, make penalty recommendations to the ALAA board via the QA process and carry out penalty

 With my degree in early childhood development from Montana State University, I have owned and operated home 
 daycares in Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana since 1993. I fell in love with the labradoodle breed in 2006 and  
 started  developing my breeding program shortly thereafter, with the support of my husband, Joe and three children, Zach, Ben, and Melanie. I stopped doing infant daycare in 2014 to concentrate on my breeding business. Since 
 developmentally appropriate practices, educational enrichment, and nutritional programs are equally important to 
 babies and puppies, I have found my early childhood philosophies translate directly into my breeding and puppy       rearing program. I enjoy learning and applying the latest research and best practices to my program, and enjoy communication with the breeding community, concentrating on the breed standard and raising the healthiest, most well-socialized, calmest and smartest puppies possible. I joined the ALAA in 2012 and am proud to be the first gold paw breeder in Montana, while being part of a supportive online global community.  Contact Carolyn:


  Information Technology Manager: Kay Kutinsky, Wonderland Labradoodles

  Duties: The Information Technology Manager will maintain, update, and edit the corporation’s website in addition to other 
  computer-related activities that may be assigned, from time to time, by the President. 

  I can't remember a time that I did not have a love for animals. I spent my childhood bringing home stray dogs and cats and
  rescuing wounded animals. I have been a dog breeder on and off for twenty five years. I bred Pulis (Hungarian Sheepdogs)
  and then Labrador Retrievers. I, also, worked in the corporate world as a Systems Analyst and then an IT Project Manager.
  In 2006 I left the corporate world and decided to concentrate on my first love, breeding dogs. I bought my first Australian
  Labradoodle in March of 2007. Within two weeks I realized one was not enough! My second girl arrived two months later. I
  joined the ALAA the same year. I am the first Michigan Labradoodle breeder to be an ALAA member and the only Michigan
  Gold Paw breeder. I have been a member of the Regulations Committee and the Paws Rewards/Health Testing
  Committee. I look forward to being on the ALAA Board and helping to make the ALAA even bigger and better than it is today.
  Contact Kay:

Current Committees:

Bylaws Committee:
The goal of this committee is to draft a new set of bylaws that will provide a solid foundation to guide us as we continue to grow the ALAA.
                                             The last revision of the Bylaws was in 2010.

Past Committees:

Infusion Team: Works with the Infusion Mentor to guide the infusion process. This team is to be nominated by the Infusion Mentor yearly. Currently handled by ALAA board officers.

Regulations Committee: Works with the Business Manager and President to present to the board and membership additions or modification to the current regulations. This team will work on state breeding regulations being presented by states and counties for vote. This team is to be nominated by the President or Business Manager yearly.

Paw Rewards / Health-Testing Team: Works with all current members of the Paw Rewards program, as well as a smaller set of that group, to define changes to the program. All changes must be defined and supported based on the recommendations of veterinary breeding specialists. This team is to be nominated by the HTI Officer yearly.

Dog Registrar: Paid contract employee. Registers all dogs and litters and records all health testing, including audits of Paw Rewards program based on the Health Testing Initiative Officer’s input. The Registrar works with the QA Officer on yearly audits of member breeders, updates records and maintains the ALAA dog registry (DogTrackTM). The Registrar also answers member breeders’ questions about registration, health testing services and requirements.

Position currently held by Butch Charlton, DownUnder Labradoodle USA  Contact Butch:

Assistant to the Registrar
Rachael Reimer 

A volunteer position that works under Butch Charlton, the Registrar, as a liaison in support of new Member Breeders and new Pet Members.  The assistant to the registrar is responsible for communicating the guidelines and requirements for new Member Breeders or Pet Members.  

Position Current held by Rachael Reimer,  Dare To Dream Labradoodles  Contact Rachael


Can I volunteer for a committee?

Yes, there are always volunteer opportunities! The ALAA Officers & Committees page lists current committees and openings, and we’re constantly on the lookout for volunteers. If you are interested in serving on a committee, notify the leader of that committee. The committee leader will explain the committee’s needs.

We also hold an open request for members interested in joining a committee during our annual March vote.

Can I volunteer to serve on the board?

Yes. If you are interested in joining the governing board, you should become familiar with our current officers and the responsibilities of each of the seven board positions. Officers are required not only to hold a position but also to take on other duties, run teams and initiatives to help the ALAA achieve yearly goals. The current duties of each ALAA board member are listed on the officers page next to their personal information.

Candidates vying to become board members are nominated in two ways. The first method is through nomination by a current board member as part of the annual vote. Each March, the existing ALAA board nominates a slate of candidates, who are introduced to general ALAA membership during our yearly open conference call. Members are then polled during an online vote to be held within three weeks of the conference call.

Because the board nominates each individual via a slate, the board must know you’re interested! Contact an officer to tell them why you want to serve and what you have to offer the organization.


How are ALAA funds spent?

The ALAA is a nonprofit association which has both employees and volunteers tending to the needs of the organization. The ALAA staff includes but is not limited to the following employees: a Registrar and various assistants. This is subject to change as needed. The Registrar handles the registration of new Member Breeders, litter registrations, registration of breeding dogs, pet memberships, collects and checks on all health testing turned in which is required for membership, printing and mailing litter certificates and pedigrees, as well as maintains ALAA database services (DogTrack and StudFinder). The assistants do pedigree research, handle all the printing and mailing of the welcome kit for the new Pet Members after they have been processed by the registrar, which includes the pet’s pedigree, ALAA custom bandana, ALAA recyclable bag and a current issue of Modern dog magazine. They handle all the ordering and inventory for all the office supplies and custom items included in the new Pet Member welcome kit. They, also, handle all the promotional graphics used in the ALAA hosted events and assist the President with ordering, inventory, shipping supplies to various locations, managing the guest lists, name tags, printed material for guest speakers and event planning for all ALAA events. The ALAA conducts health clinics for the betterment of the breed, as well as organizes and hosts the yearly ALAA Breeder Roundtable, which is an educational conference to promote responsible breeding.

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