Rules and Regulations

 ALAA Rules and Regulations 

Breeder Accreditation and Quality Program

  • RULE #1

A breeder must join the ALAA as a Member Breeder. A breeder pays an annual membership fee in order to maintain membership status with the ALAA. Membership renewals are due by the last day of one's anniversary month. If a membership is deactivated for non-renewal, the member has 60 days to renew and pay the currently published rate for reactivation.  If a membership lapses, the breeder must rejoin the ALAA and pay the then current published rates for both joining and membership.


1st renewal notice on the first of the month they are due. 

2nd renewal notice on the first of the month after your renewal month. 

3rd renewal notice is a deactivation notice.

(Note: a breeder member's renewal month is the month they first applied to the ALAA for membership, not the month they are accepted.)


Requirements for ALAA breeders to remain active or apply to be a Member Breeder:

All breeders must own 1 intact, registered Labradoodle, Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, or Cockapoo to remain active or apply to be a Breeder Member. The dog must be used in the breeder's own active Labradoodle breeding program in order to comply. An active breeding program must have at least one Labradoodle litter per year.


  • RULE #2

A Member Breeder must agree to the ALAA Code of Ethics.  

  • RULE #3

A Member Breeder must request a Kennel Prefix and pay the applicable fee. A Kennel prefix is the name that will appear at the beginning of a puppy's Registered Name to identify a puppy's breeding kennel. For example, if a Kennel Prefix is "Cedar Park," a newly registered puppy named Rufus would be officially known as "Cedar Park Rufus."  A Kennel Prefix may not be duplicated. If a Member Breeder is already using the prefix requested, then the applicant must select another.

  • RULE #4

A Breeder must register all breeding dogs owned or leased that are used in their Labradoodle breeding program including: Labradoodles, Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Cockapoos and any derivatives. Dogs must be registered before they may be bred. Instructions and forms can be found on the ALAA website by following the Breeder Resources link:

  • RULE #5

For any dog owned by or bred by an ALAA Member Breeder, including outside stud dogs or leased bitches, health testing must be submitted for the Paw Rewards program, and hip and elbow testing requirements must be met, before the dog may be bred.

  • RULE #6

A Member Breeder must register all litters produced in their breeding program within 90 days of whelp.  Instructions and forms can be found on the ALAA website by following the Breeder Resources link:

Note:  Any litters registered after 90 days will incur late fees.

  • RULE #7

A breeder must submit a Health Warranty/Guarantee to the ALAA registrar at:

That Warranty/Guarantee must be given to all his clients for all puppies sold. It is the responsibility of the Member Breeder to draft a health warranty/guarantee in accordance with specific state, county, or country legal requirements in which they live, and the ALAA disclaims any liability from the use of such document.


  • RULE #8

A Member Breeder must supply his clients with the appropriate ALAA documents for each dog or puppy sold, lent, given or leased to other parties within 90 days of the date of purchase. These documents would include the Dog Registration Certificate, Transfer of Ownership form (for puppies registered in a litter, their Registration and Transfer of Ownership are on the same document).

  • RULE #9

A Member Breeder must microchip all breeding stock kept, given or leased to other parties. It is a requirement that a breeder provide DNA profiling for all breeding stock prior to the dog being bred. 

  • RULE #10

The Member, immediately following the possible infraction with a formal request for assistance, response and action, should report infractions to the Rules and Regulations and/or Code of Ethics to the ALAA Quality Assurance Officer. This immediate request will be reviewed, and the ALAA response to the infraction may result in deactivation, suspension, fine and/or probation.

  • RULE #11

A Member Breeder must indicate the breed and description of the breeding dogs on their website according to the ALAA Grading Scheme.

  • RULE #12

Member Breeders must not use their ALAA website to market non-ALAA registerable Labradoodles.

  • RULE #13

A Member Breeder participating in the Paw Rewards testing program must indicate in the litter description on their website if they hire an outside stud that is not tested to the same Paw level as the dogs in their own program. A minimum of hips and elbows are required for all dogs used in a Member Breeder’s program. 

  • RULE #14

A Member Breeder must display ALAA registered names and numbers, and all call names, for all breeding dogs on their website.

  • RULE #15

A Member Breeder seeking to register a dog not already in the ALAA database can qualify their dog under two types of registrations. 

The “unverified/untraceable” registration requirements are: 

  • All dogs must have 3 generations of hip, elbow and eye testing (this means the dog being registered, it’s parents, and it’s grandparents).
  • Must be a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle, and must disclose any dogs in their pedigree, which are untraceable by ALAA, recognized and approved registries as “unverified”.
  • Three generations of documented health testing will qualify Australian Labradoodles for registration, even if there is a hole in the pedigree.
  • The “unverified” dog may not be closer than three generations. 
  • All dogs must be tested for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) or have known PRA and EIC Status.
  • All dogs must have a DNA Profile from the designated ALAA approved Lab.

The “100% traceable” registration requirements are:

  • American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club registration names must be provided on all purebred dogs (Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, and Cocker Spaniels) in a six generation pedigree.

  • RULE #16

A Member Breeder seeking to breed Cockapoo or Cocker Spaniel Infusion litters must follow all rules and requirements of the ALAA Infusion Program:

  • RULE #17

A Member Breeder agrees to spay/neuter all Merle patterned dogs produced in their program before they leave the Breeder’s premises and they must be registered with “Limited” registration.

  • RULE #18

As of February 11, 2014, Member Breeders are required to display the individualized ALAA Logo, listing their ALAA Member Breeder Number and a valid date, provided by the ALAA. Any old ALAA, ILA, and Silver/Gold Paw Logos are never to be used in advertisements again. If you are found to have the old logos or any out-dated individualized logos (ALAA, Gold, or Silver) in your advertising, you will be deactivated from the current Member Breeder listing until this ruling is complied with.

In order to expand the reach of the ALAA and to foster good relations with the recognition of our organization, Member Breeders are required to link their individualized ALAA Logo back to the Member Breeders Listing page on the ALAA website:

ALAA Disciplinary Penalties 

Definitions and Descriptions

  • Definition Infraction:  Received by an ALAA Member Breeder directly from the ALAA Quality Assurance Officer for failure to follow or be compliant with Rules and/or Regulations and/or Code of Ethics. An infraction can result in a Class A to Class E Penalty depending on the Rule, Regulation or Code.

  • Complaint:  Official complaint form filed by an ALAA Member or Consumer to the ALAA Quality Assurance Officer as a direct result of an action of an ALAA Member Breeder and/or as a result of an ALAA Member Breeder’s actions in contradiction to the breeder’s contract and/or the ALAA Rules, Regulations and/or Code of Ethics.

  • Noncompliant:  A time period when an ALAA Member Breeder is not complying with the Rules and Regulations of the ALAA and/or Code of Ethics.

Class A Penalty 

  • Membership Termination:  Member Breeders that have their membership terminated will be removed from the ALAA. Reactivation will require 100% officer vote. A note will be sent to all ALAA members listing the basic reason for deactivation.  

Class B Penalty

  • Suspension:  Member Breeders under suspension must continue to pay all fees, register all dogs and litters, but will not be listed on the ALAA website.  A second offense of the same class or higher during the probation period will result in membership termination.  

Class C Penalty

  • Probation:  Member Breeders under probation must continue to pay all fees, register all dogs and litters and will continue to be listed on the ALAA website. A second offense of the same class or higher during the probation period will result in suspension or membership termination.

Class D Penalty

  • Monetary Fines:  A Member Breeder can accrue monetary fines depending upon the Rule and/or Regulation not followed.


Failure to register a litter within 90 days, $12 late fee, $12 every month late

Failure to pay yearly dues on time, but within 60 days, $30

Class E Penalty

  • Warning:  If a Member Breeder incurs an official warning the Quality Assurance Officer will record it in their personal breeder file. 

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