Want to increase your reach to our ALAA Pet Members? In addition to the member database listing, you can also be featured with an ad on our website. Advertising opportunities include promoting a new litter, advertising kennel services, or supplying a stud.

How to Advertise with Us

All Ads must be submitted through this portal.

1. Pay the $50 fee via PayPal first and have your PayPal transaction number handy.
2. Log into the ALAA Member Services here.
3. Click on “Submit an Advertisement”.
4. Enter your PayPal transaction number and select the options.
5. You will be asked to upload your ad or your photos so have those handy.

Breeding Dog Ads: $50

Puppy Ads: $50

Kennel Ads: $50

Stud Dog Advertising for Miniature, Medium & Standard Stud Dogs

Interested in advertising your stud dogs available for stud service? We will design the ad for you, simply supply the information and images.

First Stud Dog: $300

Additional Stud Dog: $150

Ad Changes (any time): $25