The Waterford Township Police Department is proud to announce its newest and most anticipated member of the police department. Our new guy is an Australian Labradoodle who is hypoallergenic and non-shedding. This little guy is going to be everyone’s favorite officer in the community.

As part of our resiliency training our new friend will be assisting the community, our students, and our officers, with unconditional love and affection. We would like to thank Hidden Springs Australian Labradoodles for supporting our program and with their generous donation.

The In-House Dog is relatively new to police work. There are many benefits of having an in-house station dog. Studies have shown that petting a dog greatly reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

Our companion dog would benefit victims and children that come to the police station. It is, sadly too often, that children are brought to the police station when a parent comes to report a crime or report some type of domestic situation. The child would have a companion to keep them occupied and hopefully, relieve some of their sadness. An in-house station dog comes with many great benefits with very little, if any, disadvantages. Our new friend gives police the opportunity to interact with the children and the general public, as well as a wonderful home for the dog. The dog will participate in many community events such as drug take-back day, Pizza with the Police, Coffee with a Cop, and our parades.

We also want to thank Waterford Township School District students for assisting in the naming of our newest officer.  Please continue to follow his story over the next few weeks.