Breeder Membership

Annual Renewal Fee

Breeder Membership
$125.00 (US Currency)

Re-Activation Fee

This is for members that have had their listing de-activated.
$30.00 each (US Currency)

Dog Registration

Registration for 1-3 Dogs

Registration for 1-3 dogs that are not already registered with the ALAA (ILA).
$15.00 (US Currency)

Registration of 4-9 Dogs

Registration of 4-9 dogs (must be registered at the same time).
$12.00 (US Currency)

Registration of 10+ Dogs

Registration of 10+ dogs (must be registered at the same time).
$10 each.00 (US Currency)

Litter/Puppy Registration

Puppy Litter Registration Fee

$9.00 per puppy (US Currency)

Late Litter Penalty

Contact the Registrar for total to be paid.
$15.00 per month (US Currency)

Number of months late

Duplicate Litter Registration Paperwork

$25 each (US Currency)

The ALAA enforces a no-refund policy for all monies paid to the association, including pedigree requests, membership applications and dues, kennel fees, dog registration and other fees.

Pedigree Research

Member Breeder Pedigree Research

$30 each.00 (US Currency)

Non-Member Pedigree Research

Contact the Registrar for total to be paid.
$50.00 each (US Currency)

Pedigree Request

The ALAA Registry is available to breeder members as part of your membership. Pedigrees are available for an additional $15 each. We will provide a pedigree detailing as many as four generations, though we cannot guarantee that each pedigree goes back so far. If the dog in question is owned by an ALAA breeder, the breeder will be notified about the request.

To request a pedigree email the full name of the dog and pay via the PayPal button below.

ALAA Member Breeder Owner Transfer

ALAA Member Breeder Owner Transfer

This is for dogs already registered with the ALAA, but needs to be transferred into another Member Breeder. If you are NOT already an ALAA Member Breeder, you will need to become a Member Breeder prior to making the transfer.

ALAA Transfer of Ownership Application

$10.00 (US Currency)

The ALAA Outside Stud Dog Requirements and ALAA Stud Dog Certificate

(required for the use of a non-ALAA registered stud dog) 

Stud Dog Certificate
Outside Stud Requirements

$15.00 (US Currency)

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Cost for one month.
$50.00 each (US Currency)

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Any question can be emailed to:

Grooming Cards

Additional postage fees will be applied for orders shipped outside of the U.S.

25 ALAA Grooming Cards


50 ALAA Grooming Cards


75 ALAA Grooming Cards


100 ALAA Grooming Cards