Congratulations on your decision to
become an ALAA Member Breeder!

The ALAA is the premiere organization for the Australian Labradoodle in the world. Please review the required items below before you fill out your membership application.

New Member Requirements Checklist:

Before filling out the application and submitting the $300.00 membership fee, please have the following prepared:

  • Transfer of Ownership forms: If you purchased your breeding stock from an ALAA member, you will need a signed transfer of ownership form from that breeder and pay the $10.00 transfer fee. The form and associated fee can be found at the middle of this page.

  • Verified Pedigree: If you did not purchase your breeding stock from an ALAA member, you will need a signed pedigree from that breeder and that pedigree will need to be approved prior to you becoming a member. Please email the pedigree to the ALAA Operations Manager at  In some cases, a pedigree research fee will be required. Payment for this is linked here.

  • Rules and Code of Ethics: You must agree to the ALAA Rules and Code of Ethics.

  • A unique Kennel name: Please google the kennel name you are interested in using to make sure it is not close to any other names already in use. You may also want to search the Secretary of State’s website in the state you are going to be doing business in.

  • A working website: You will need a website for your Australian Labradoodle breeding program. This website is for your Australian Labradoodles only.  No other breeds can be on your website. You must have your dogs listed correctly. See rules and regulations #14.

  • DNA Profile: On all dogs prior to breeding from PawPrint Genetics (see rules and regulations #9).

  • Minimum Heath Testing: Prior to breeding a dog, you will need a minimum of hip and elbow testing. For additional recommended tests please visit

  • Pay Fees:  The ALAA only accepts PayPal paymentsYou will need to pay the registration fee for all your dogs:

  • Contracts: Develop a Health Guarantee/Sales Contract and Spay/Neuter Agreement (for dogs sold on spay/neuter contracts).

We strongly advise that you have the above documentation prepared before you fill out the new member application.  Once you fill out the application and pay the $300.00 membership fee you will have 60 days to provide required documentation.  Failure to do so within the allotted time frame will result in you forfeiting your membership fee and you will have to start the process again.

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