You’ve got priority status with Good Dog

Dear ALAA Member,

My name is Cat and I’m the Head of Partnerships, Community and Legal Affairs here at Good Dog. I’m reaching out with some exciting news! Because you’re a member of ALAA, one of our incredible Club Partners and Good Dog Grant recipients, we are giving you priority status when you apply to join Good Dog this month.

That means you’ll move to the front of our waitlist to join our community. And the best part? We’re completely free for breeders.

Joining as a Good Breeder gives you access to legal resources (including sample contracts), webinars with canine health experts like Dr. Hutchison, DVM and Dr. Gayle Watkins of Avidog, as well as a certified Good Breeder badge like the one below, discounts from partners like Embark, Paw Print Genetics, access to our secure payment system built specifically for dog breeders to protect you and your puppy buyers from scams, and lots of other exclusive benefits.

Plus, you’ll become a part of Good Dog’s mission to change the conversation and advocate for dog breeders like you. We want the world to know how critical dog breeders are to having a future with happy and healthy dogs, but we can’t do it without YOU!

Learn more about our community

We are so thrilled to have awarded ALAA a Good Dog Grant to provide educational materials and information for breeders and pet families. We’re honored to be partnered with ALAA, and support all of the incredible work you do for the Australian Labradoodle breed. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to respond and I or another member of our Breeder Support Team will jump in to help! ❤️️


Cat (the dog lady) Matloub, Esq.
Head of Partnerships, Community & Legal Affairs