The International Labradoodles Association established a ALAA Breeder Member Assistance Fund with its first initiative for “Wildfire Disaster Relief”.

The wildfires ravaging many areas of the West coast including California, Oregon, and Washington states are causing much concern for the many ALAA Breeder Members affected by this disaster. The ILA would like to announce an ALAA Breeder Member Emergency Assistance Fund and its first use will be for the Wildfire Disaster Relief Initiative.

The Fund and Initiative will help in the following ways effective immediately.

ALAA regular fees may be delayed upon request.  Breeder must be in affected and designated disaster area and show proof of loss or hardship.  This requirement must be met and approved to be eligible for any of the following:

  • Upon request, time required for registrations can be extended for 60 days from the time period 9/15/2020-11/15/2020.
  • Includes financial assistance and care of breeders’ families and dogs as necessary ($250-$500).

  • Funds will be available between 9/15/2020 and 11/15/2020 with a maximum of $500 per Member Breeder directly impacted by wildfires.

The ALAA Board has created a PayPal fund for members to contribute to this fund and initiative. The fund will be disbursed as approved by the Board to ALAA members who need assistance with housing, relocation, and smoke/fire damage.

Donate here

If you or someone you know needs assistance during this time, please email:

  • To nominate someone else, include their name and contact information within the email

  • If you have been affected, request an application for assistance within the email

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact:

The ILA Member Assistance Fund will be used to assist breeders in need and most specifically by natural disasters such as the wildfires. The fund is not a part of the ALAA general operating budget. Any funds not dispersed by 12/31/2020 will be used to assist breeders and their families in crisis, time of need, or for educational purposes. The International Labradoodles Association dba/ALAA is an IRS 501c6 tax exempt nonprofit and contributions are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be tax-deductible as a business expense in accordance with IRS regulations (please consult your accountant for specific guidance).